ESI Group

September 14th 2016

How CEME Innovation Centre gave ESI Group the IT infrastructure that’s vital for its international operations.

ESI Group creates virtual prototyping software that simulates a product’s behaviour during testing, manufacturing and real-life use. The software is used to evaluate the performance of proposed designs with the goal of identifying and eliminating potential flaws. The company’s head office is in Paris, with a number of branches around the world. The Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME) provided Jez and his team with the “perfect base” to develop the business.

“Having control over your costs is extremely important for a service business like ours, where the demand for work fluctuates,” he says. “This combination of good location, high quality resources, good IT infrastructure and flexible offices seems unique in the London area.”

Jez Smith, Technical Director at ESI Group

Jez believes that the reasonable cost of the CEME Innovation Centre offices was one of the deciding factors for the move, as was the flexibility to expand and contract the rented space as required. Also of benefit for ESI Group are the conference facilities which are ideal when welcoming clients, plus colleagues from the company’s international offices in locations such as India, Italy and South America.

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